Permanent Magnetic "T" Traps provide magnetic protection for liquid lines and processing equipment. They preserve product purity and help prevent equipment damage by removing small particles of magnetic scale, rust and fine iron contamination from liquid product flows. It provides continuous, dependable permanent-magnetic protection against tramp iron contamination.



  • Chemical Industries
  • Chocolates, oil Industries etc.
  • Food Industry
  • Ceramic Industries
  • Paper Industries
  • Sugar Industries
  • Pharma Industries


  • T-Trap is easy to clean. Simply remove the lid with the magnetic tubes, wipe clean and reinstall.
  • Self-cleaning cartridge-style Traps are especially suited to applications requiring frequent cleaning.
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction.
  • high-strength V-band clamps or eye bolt for quick cleaning
  • Available from 1" thru 10" pipelines as per customer's requirement.