Magnet Testing & Inspection

Magnetic equipments play an important role in Food & Pharma Industries. Food safety and regular testing is essential to ensure they are complying with the current Food Safety Standard to control hazards and reduce risk. Permag endorses magnet validation testing services to assist in understanding the status of your magnets with the option of providing recommendations conforming to specifications. Magnet validation and magnet strength checks are essential to maintain magnet efficiency.

This process allows us to work with you to understand the status of your magnets by controlling hazards and reducing risk. We offer magnet testing services conducted by trained technicians, using procedures and documentation.

Our trained technician uses a calibrated gauss meter with minimal testing time and assesses the condition and efficiency of critical and upstream processing magnets. We provide reports of magnet strength, extraction efficiency & do Magnet Validation and advice on controlling hazards and reducing risk according to current standards.



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